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I AM Home

Inspired by the story of our Ambassadog ‘Miracle’ I AM HOME was created in 2016 with a clear vision - to feed thousands of homeless pets every day - in fact in 2018 we donated 100 tons of food to small, local, UK rescue centres.

That’s the weight of more than 10 elephants!

 And now with so many more mouths to feed we donate IAMS food every single month, nourishing thousands of hungry and homeless dogs and cats while they patiently wait for their own loving family to come and take them home.

Adopt a pet today and change a life forever.

I AM a Miracle

Meet Miracle our inspirational I AM HOME Ambassadog. 

Miracle was rescued from his former life in Thailand by Amanda Leask and as with so many rescue animals shows his love and thanks for a second chance at life in a very special way – through his devotion to Amanda’s son Kyle, who lives with Cerebal Palsy and autism, the two communicate through an unspoken language that they fully understand.  Amanda says “the two are like kindred spirits”. 

He truly represents how adopting a pet today can change a life forever, so it’s fitting that this rescue dog, saved by Amanda, be given the name Miracle. 

To Amanda and her family, he is after all exactly that.    

I AM cared  for

At I AM HOME we’re proud of the relationships we have with our rescue centre partners.

We understand that caring for homeless dogs and cats demands teams of people providing love and kindness through tireless and often unpaid work. 

While I AM HOME provides our partners with monthly food donations, they provide the love and care all of their lodgers so badly need. Without them homeless pets would have no one.

Here’s a list of our rescue centre partners.  Perhaps you can show them some support too?

Our Rescue Centre Partners

I AM inspiring

No pet adoption would be possible without the inspiring people who run the rescue centres.

Val’s Spotlight Story:

Meet Val from Valgrays Border Collie Rescue in Warlington, Surrey 

A Veterinary Nurse who founded Valgrays Border Collie Rescue back in 1978 and ever since has saved and changed the lives of thousands of dogs.

Val really pampers every dog she helps and alongside her team of just 5 volunteers she takes in abandoned dogs from all over the UK. 

While her main focus is on rehabilitating dogs so they can be rehomed with their own forever home families, she has a core pack of 15 dogs who can’t be rehomed but who instead have found a home, living happily with Val. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that Val is an incredibly inspiring lady. 


I AM considering Pet Adoption

I AM Informed

Adopting for life – adopting responsibly

Dog AdoptionAdopting pets, saves lives. It’s extremely rewarding and you’ll change a life forever, but a rescue dog or cat should only be adopted once!

It sounds simple, and yet sometimes, it isn’t. 

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Fostering A Cat or a Dog

Pet rescue centres often need loving, volunteer foster carers as they play a vital role providing homeless pets with love and shelter. Simply put, becoming a foster parent means you’ll literally be helping save dogs and cats lives; it’s the foundation to wonderful new beginnings.

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Pet Rescue Volunteering

If you’re an animal lover and want to do something to help the enormous number of homeless dogs and cats who need love, care and affection, then perhaps volunteering at your local pet rescue centre is right for you.

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Sponsoring a dog or cat

Becoming a pet rescue sponsor is one of the most caring things you can do for pets in need. Your sponsorship can help to provide warm shelter, food and medical care helping them rest in the love they need while in foster care or until they find a forever home.

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