Sponsoring a Cat or Dog

Sponsoring a dog or cat

Becoming a pet rescue sponsor is one of the most caring things you can do for pets in need. Your sponsorship can help to provide warm shelter, food and medical care helping them rest in the love they need while in foster care or until they find a forever home.

Why is sponsorship needed?

Most local pet rescue centres are run by volunteers with no government funding, they are often totally dependent on the generosity of people like you and finances can be tight.

Vets bills, nutritious food, bedding and kennels can be expensive and with more and more dogs and cats being abandoned - looking for a new homes - sponsorship can help make a huge difference to a rescue pet’s life.

Tracy Benjamin, founder and co-owner of Wonky Pets Rescue in Derbyshire says “With the amount of dogs and cats needing our help it sometimes feels like we’re filling a leaking bucket. Whether dogs and cats are living in sanctuary at our kennels, or in a long term foster care, sponsorship makes a significant difference to their needs”

One (or many) new best friend(s)

Sponsoring not only means you’ll be making a difference; you'll also gain a best friend for life. Many rescue centres will provide you with regular updates and you could get to visit them every now and then. What’s more you could sponsor multiple pets, meaning more new furry friends.

Helping when you thought you couldn’t.

Sponsoring is perfect for people who want to help rescue pets but are unable to house them in their own home. With more people opting to rent properties which may not be pet friendly, sponsoring is a heart-warming way to make a difference, without falling out with your landlord.

The gift of life

You could also sponsor a dog or cat as a gift for someone else. Gifting sponsorship to a friend or family member is a perfect and kind birthday or Christmas present.

Sponsoring is all about making sure unwanted pets get all the care and attention they need either for life in foster care or until the volunteers find them their very own forever home. Whether you sponsor a dog, a cat or any animal, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted.

In short you’ll be helping rescue centres help pets.

Find the right food for your pet

Expert nutrition and enjoyment. No compromise

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