Pet Rescue Volunteering

Pet Rescue Volunteering

If you’re an animal lover and want to do something to help the enormous number of homeless dogs and cats who need love, care and affection, then perhaps volunteering at your local pet rescue centre is right for you.

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding way to get involved because you are directly improving the lives of pets in of need help. Thankfully there are lots of wonderful pet rescue centres around the UK, most of whom rely on dedicated volunteers to help love, feed and exercise the dogs and cats in their care.

And thankfully every year thousands of volunteers generously give their time to help. Whether they are working directly with pets in rehoming centres or foster homes, helping to raise money in charity shops or through fundraising these people make such an enormous difference to the lives of so many homeless dogs and cats.

What's it like to volunteer?

Rehoming centres need help with cleaning, feeding and grooming the animals, socialising them and improving their environment.

And then there’s maintenance, plumbing, carpentry and gardening to help with too or perhaps fundraising is more your thing. You could support community events or take part in an extreme challenge to raise money.

Tracy & George

“It’s fantastic to look after such amazing animals who really need loving, kind and generous people to help nurture them” says volunteer Tracy from Cheshire Dog’s Home.

Tony, a retired podiatrist who now volunteers three times a week says

“You get to meet so many dogs who need your help and seeing them improve and then rehomed is just so special”

I AM Home Ginge and Tony

Who can get involved?

Most rescue centres will have age restrictions but as long as you: love animals, are trustworthy, reliable and committed, with such diverse roles there is generally something for everybody to do, so there’s really no reason why kind hearted people can’t help.

If you have some time to spare no matter how you help, pet rescue volunteer work truly is incredible. Contact your local rescue centre for more details.

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