We donate

1 million meals

To homeless dogs and cats

Every year

I AM Home

In the fight against hunger I AM HOME

 is our pet rescue & adoption feeding programme.

We are committed to...

  • Donating 1 MILLION MEALS to hungry and homeless pets every year via monthly deliveries
  • Supporting small, local UK rescues
  • Inspiring pet adoption and fostering

I AM nourished

We’re proud to work together with over 40 small rescue centres and registered charities, delivering food donations to their shelters each month of the year.

The process is simple - we send a shopping list of food to our partner rescue shelters, they select what they’d like and we deliver it to them for FREE

If you know a animal rescue centre who could benefit, let us know by clicking here

See the difference donations make

"Iams have really helped us stay afloat during the pandemic, can’t tell you how much we appreciate this help."
Joanne, Ruffs Rescue

Here are our Rescue Centre Partners

I AM Cared For

Pet rescue work relies heavily on teams of volunteers, people who selflessly donate their time; giving homeless dogs and cats the love and kindness they need.
You can help too.
Helping a homeless dog or cat could be easier than you think. You could help in 3 ways:

  • If you know an amazing shelter who would benefit from our I AM HOME donations, simply click here.
  • Ask your local pet rescue centre if they need volunteers.
  • Adopt responsibly. Pet adoption is one of the best things you’ll ever do. Adopt a pet today and you’ll change a life forever.

I AM a Hero

We celebrate anyone who chooses to adopt responsibly, 
in fact we think people who adopt dogs and cats are heroes.  

Hear why Scout’s adopted mum Claire, believes pet adoption saves lives.  
She might inspire you.

I AM HOME Adoption Kits

We also provide our rescue centre partners with I AM HOME adoption kits, so they can give them as a beautiful FREE gift to all new adoptive pet parents. And because the kits include a bag of IAMS food it helps new pet parents feed the same IAMS recipe that their new adopted dog or cat will have become accustomed to during their stay in the rehoming shelter.    

Kits include IAMS food, discount vouchers and even a welcome home card.

I AM Happy

And finally, here’s just a small selection of beautiful and brave dogs and cats, whose lives were changed for the better when they were rescued by kind charity and rescue shelters partners. 

Abandoned dogs and cats who were loved and cared for by volunteers before being adopted out to families in their very own forever homes.

We’re proud to play a part in this incredibly important rehabilitation process; helping just a little and enabling abandoned dogs and cats to say – ‘I AM HOME

I AM Home wall

I AM Informed

Adopting for life – adopting responsibly

Dog AdoptionAdopting pets, saves lives. It’s extremely rewarding and you’ll change a life forever, but a rescue dog or cat should only be adopted once!

It sounds simple, and yet sometimes, it isn’t. 

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Fostering A Cat or a Dog

Pet rescue centres often need loving, volunteer foster carers as they play a vital role providing homeless pets with love and shelter. Simply put, becoming a foster parent means you’ll literally be helping save dogs and cats lives; it’s the foundation to wonderful new beginnings.

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Pet Rescue Volunteering

If you’re an animal lover and want to do something to help the enormous number of homeless dogs and cats who need love, care and affection, then perhaps volunteering at your local pet rescue centre is right for you.

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Sponsoring a dog or cat

Becoming a pet rescue sponsor is one of the most caring things you can do for pets in need. Your sponsorship can help to provide warm shelter, food and medical care helping them rest in the love they need while in foster care or until they find a forever home.

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