IAMS Naturally Dry Cat Range

See the visible benefits

We are what we eat and this is also true for our beloved pets. At IAMS, we have been developing recipes for over 70 years and understand why more pet parents are looking to feed a natural diet. 

IAMS Naturally is made with a selection of highly digestible natural ingredients to provide visible benefits. The use of highly digestible ingredients means pets can better absorb nutrients from their food, helping them to look and feel great, inside and out.

We are committed to providing the best nutrients for your pet excluding all the ingredients we know you don’t want in your pet’s bowl:

  • NO Added Artificial Flavourings
  • NO Added Artificial Colourings
  • NO Fillers
  • NO Soy
  • NO Beef
  • NO Concentrated Plant Based, Proteins**
  • NO GMO’s

Each IAMS Naturally dry recipe is packed with either natural fresh salmon or meadow fed lamb as well as and high quality chicken, turkey and egg.

** We do not add any plant based proteins in a concentrated form such as corn gluten or maize gluten meal.


Explore the regions

IAMS Naturally is made with highly digestible ingredients that have been sustainably sourced, providing your cat 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand's sheep and cattle are raised in free-range open fields year-round

North Atlantic Salmon

North Atlantic Salmon spend part of their lives in freshwater and part in salt water

Ocean Cod

Cod is one of the world’s favourite fish, with a tasty flavour

Wild Tuna

Wild tuna are an oily fish that can grow up to a huge 700kg

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