IAMS Freeze Dried, 100% meat treats for your pet

100% Meat Treats that are freeze dried

Introducing IAMS Naturally Pure Meat Treats, made from 100% meat and fish, then freeze dried to preserve all the flavour and goodness whilst helping to support your pet's health.

Providing you and your pet with the perfect balance between tasty treat and healthy reward, made from expertly selected meat cuts with all natural ingredients that are grain and gluten free.

The IAMS Naturally treats range comes in 3 delicious flavours:

  • 100% chicken breast, containing high quality protein to help maintain strong muscles
  • 100% duck breast from premium cuts and is highly digestible.
  • Our 100% salmon* fillet recipe is rich in omega 3 and 6 helping to keep your cat’s skin healthy and coat shiny**

* Salmon flavour is only available in our freeze dried treats for cats range

** Beneficial only when feed in combination with IAMS Naturally dry food

IAMS Freeze Dried flavours: Chichen, Duck and Salmon

What does freeze dried mean?

Freeze drying food has been a preservation technique dating back hundreds of years. Amongst many historic civilizations, its most commonly used to preserve food for astronauts! It preserves all the nutrients as well as the delicious flavours of our treats that your pets will thrive on.

Once the meat has been prepared, it is frozen then placed in a vacuum to remove water, and finally brought back up to an ambient temperature, making it ready to eat.

Treats without compromising on health!

You’ll find nothing but 100% meat or fish in our treats. This means no harmful ingredients that compromise your pet’s health or waistline. Only pure, tasty protein, so you can treat them while helping to maintain a healthy, active and happy life.

What’s not in…

  • NO added sugar
  • NO artificial colours
  • NO additives
  • NO GMOs

Looking for delicious flavours
your pet will adore?

Whether your pet likes a crunch or a chew, IAMS Naturally treats are for you.

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