Tailored nutrition for senior cats with a taste they’ll love**

By Kellie Ceccarelli, Veterinary Training Manager at IAMS

‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Tabitha, Happy Birthday to you’

Hooray, your cat’s turned 7 years old, but you’re probably thinking: ‘How’s that even possible, she can’t be 7 already’.  

Some doubt creeps in and although you’ve heard it’s a good idea to change to a senior diet, you’re still not convinced it’s necessary: 

‘My cat’s fine, she’s athletic and still playful. I don’t need to change her food. A Senior diet is for old age cats’. Now’s not the right time and what’s the difference anyway. Is it really necessary?’

The answer is yes it is necessary.  For most cats, 7+ years is the right age for change and there are many important differences between adult and senior pet foods.

Why change?

At IAMS we understand why you might be hesitant, we’re pet owners too, so we appreciate how difficult it can be to watch our pets grow older, but try to remember that while your senior cat looks young on the outside, by now certain changes may have begun on the inside. 

Turning seven for a cat is the equivalent of a human celebrating their 44th birthday, and like most people in their 40’s if we’re not careful about what we eat, gaining weight can be a lot easier than it did at 21. 

For our ageing cats, there’s no need to wait for extra weight.  

Whether your senior cat is 7, or 11 years old IAMS for Vitality Senior 7+ is a simple senior solution. 

It contains lower fat and calories*** to help prevent middle age spread before it starts, plus it also supports a more mature or senior cat’s:

Healthy Teeth: With crunchy kibbles 

Immune System:

With extra immune boosting nutrients such as extra Vitamin E to support wellbeing

Healthy Joints: With high quality animal protein and added glucosamine (naturally found within the cartilage of your cats joints)

Supporting 7 signs of healthy vitality in your cat

The IAMS for Vitality Senior range difference

With added FRESH Chicken, IAMS for Vitality Senior 7+ has a great meaty taste that’s locked into every bite, plus IAMS is wheat free**** with NO fillers, NO artificial colours, NO flavours or GMOs.   And on top of all this we offer a Furry Seal of Approval with our 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if your pet isn’t satisfied, you’ll get a full refund.   

So whatever their age IAMS provides high quality nutrition with a great taste for healthy vitality, keeping them healthy and happy.  That’s the IAMS difference.

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*Based on the opinion of 2110 cat owners who took part in an IAMS campaign survey in November 18, among which 91% were non IAMS users before the campaign
    **100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. To Find out more visit http://www.iams.co.uk/service/money-back-guarantee
    ***Compared to IAMS for Vitality Adult recipes
    ****Produced in a factory that handles wheat