About IAMS

We can enhance the lives of your pets

We believe the only way to provide the best possible food and pet care products is to know cats and dogs better than anyone else. We believe that through innovative research and breakthroughs, and by following our unique nutritional philosophy, we can enhance the lives of millions of pets around the world.

Our History

From our beginnings in 1946, Paul F. Iams sought out new ways to create premium, quality pet foods that would help give cats and dogs healthy, active and happy lives.

Paul Iams spent time with breeders and nutritionists,learning the importance of protein and the role of fat in pet food. He considered cats and dogs as being best fed as carnivores with high protein and high fat diets, an approach which was to revolutionise his way of making IAMS and his choice of ingredients.

Taking all that he learned, Paul created his first small batch dog food, IAMS 999 in the 1950s, which he defined to be 99.9% close to perfection. It was everything he believed in and it set a new standard for pet food; advanced nutrition to make a substantive difference to the health and vitality of pets. This belief has become the basis for innovation after innovation.


In the 1950s the first IAMS product, IAMS 999, is launched. It is the first pet food to use animal-based protein as the primary protein source in a pet food.


Paul Iams continued his approach to producing the best nutrition, launching IAMS Plus in 1961. This high protein formula began to capture the attention of passionate dog owners.


During the 1970s IAMS introduces a new product, IAMS Chunks for Dogs, and debuts the iconic paw print brandmark.


In the 1980s IAMS changes the face of the pet food aisle, introducing pet formulas based on life stages by launching a custom puppy formula. IAMS also debuts the 'rainbow of colours' packaging design, IAMS Cat Food, and IAMS Biscuits for Dogs.


The '90s is a decade of innovation for IAMS as it introduces a line called IAMS Naturals. The company also releases research showing that omega 6 and omega 3 can contribute to a healthy skin and coat.


The innovation continues for IAMS throughout the 2000’s. In 2008 the brand relaunches it's core offering, becoming IAMS Proactive Health, whilst also introducing a hairball control product for cats with a balance of beet pulp & cellulose to reduce hairball discomfort.

2015 - 2016

In 2015 the IAMS brand is acquired by Spectrum Brands Inc. Staying true to the brand's heritage of continuous innovation it launches IAMS Naturally, where all ingredients can be traced back to the source, and IAMS delights - a wet food created with a variety of flavours and textures.


In 2018 IAMS is reformulated, refreshed and revitalised through the launch of IAMS for Vitality. Combining expert nutrition and enjoyment, this dry food is created to support 7 signs of healthy vitality for all cats and dogs, in a variety of delicious flavours that they will love.

IAMS Duty of Care

At IAMS’ we are pet parents ourselves and care deeply about all dogs and cats. We know that IAMS helps make a difference to so many dogs and cats because we hear from thousands of pet parents who tell us. 

As we feed IAMS to millions of dogs and cats across Europe, we have a duty to ensure that our pet foods deliver health benefits safely. To help us achieve this, we run in home feeding observations that simply involve feeding family pets in their own homes to see how tasty and nutritious the food is.  

We do not undertake, support or sponsor studies that harm animals and we do not fund studies which require the loss of life.  This is our duty of care; which helps us nourish the healthy vitality of cats and dogs, with expert nutrition pets enjoy, no compromise.